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Connecting Kids to Coverage

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Having kids means expecting the unexpected.

Make sure they have the health insurance they need to stay healthy and safe. Missouri’s MO HealthNet (Medicaid) programs cover a broad set of benefits, including doctor visits, dental and vision care, immunizations, prescriptions, mental health services, and more.
However, many eligible children are not enrolled.

The Connecting Kids to Coverage Program assists families, children, and pregnant women who are eligible for Missouri’s family Medicaid programs:
• MO HealthNet for Kids
• Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
• MO HealthNet for Families
• MO HealthNet for Pregnant Women.

Connecting Kids to Coverage also works with school nurses, social workers, homeless enrollment liaisons, and other community partners to assist children and families that need help applying for MO HealthNet coverage.

The Connecting Kids to Coverage Program may be able to help with:
• Applying for family MO HealthNet coverage.
• Ttracking your MO HealthNet application.
• Your application was denied, your coverage was stopped or you think there was a mistake.


Contact Staff
Elizabeth Larsen, Program Director - 314.256.8779

Earlene Bolton, Outreach and Enrollment Specialist - 314.256.8753