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Family Court Program

AA_Large_family-lr.jpgRepresenting parents in dependency cases, (abuse and neglect issues) and limited to St. Louis County Family Court, our goal is to reunite families where possible.

LSEM's Family Court Program serves parents and others who are parties in the child welfare system, and whose custody and parental rights are at stake. Our clients range from economically disadvantaged parents with dependent children to parents of children who suffer from mental illness which the family cannot address due to economic hardship. Many of the mothers we represent are victims of domestic violence. We have more than a decade of experience practicing in St. Louis County Family Court.

It is vital to keep families together with proper support and services. The Family Court Program represents clients through a holistic model for families where children might be at risk, blending social work and legal representation.

If a case goes to court and a child or children are placed in foster care, the family's ability to safely and quickly reunify usually results from two things: intensive help for the family outside of court, and helping a judge make informed decisions.

We have worked with hundreds of families through the reunification process to a successful conclusion. Our team helps parents who cannot care for their children to have a voice in their placement, and in many cases to arrive at a resolution that they can live with. The Family Court Program can help you if you have an open case in the St. Louis County Family Court and Children's Division is involved with your family.

We can help you with the following issues:

  • Domestic Violence Advocacy
  • Housing
  • Parenting
  • Job Training
  • Education
  • Mental Health or Substance Abuse Treatment

For more information about this program, please call (314) 615-4502.


  • Kathleen DuBois, Managing Attorney
  • John Porter, Case Manager
  • Ema Remtula, Office Manager/Legal Assistant


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